Guangdong province (3)
Shandong province (2)


42,000 tons of aluminum/year
4,255 dies/year

Main markets served
United States, China, Malaysia, Germany, Japan, Philippines

Main industries
IT, Radiators, furniture, automotive, medical, solar, LED lighting, sports equipment

Dies, Extrusion, Fabrication, Finishes, CNC, Stamping, Die Cast, Fasteners

ISO9000, GB/T China


Token, a family owned business, was founded in 1992 by Mr. He Xukun. In 2009, Token began producing solar panel frames and accessories, and has since produced over 1GW of solar panel frames. In 2015, Token invested in high tech manufacturing plants in Shandong, including a controlling interest in WEISID. These state-of-the-art facilities boast 37 extrusion lines and automated fabrication lines specializing in precision solar frames and components.

We invest heavily in research and development of new materials and new technologies, striving to break through technological barriers to best serve our customers. We bring in outside resources and experts, and collaborate with universities to meet our customers’ requirements. Through this work we have gained our customers' loyalty and have submitted over 70 patent applications.


1.    Vertical integration: Token has achieved complete vertical integration – from transforming raw material to ingots, to tooling production, to aluminum extrusion and die casting, to anodizing and painting, to fabrication, packaging and logistics.

2.    Location: Dongguan is the manufacturing center of the Pearl River Delta, which has become one of the leading economic regions and a major manufacturing center of China and the world.

3.    Financial Strength: Token is a financially strong family-owned business that owns land and facilities.

4.    Trade: Token has independent import and export licenses, reducing your import and export costs and speeding document approval time.

5.    Relationships: 20 years of strong government and bank relationships create a stable platform for growth.