50 Extrusion production lines
4mm to 240mm diagonal
45,000 tons annual capacity

Die Casting
8 production lines
5 to 300mm large parts
10 to 22 tons daily capacity

47 presses, 5 to 63 tons
single stage and multi stage
Up to 2000mm long
5 to 100 tons daily capacity

Surface Finishing
Anodization, powder coating, sand blasting, and surface polishing lines
Lengths from 20mm to 6500mm
Over 40,000 ton annual capacity

Fab, Assembly
56 CNC machines
22 Automated fabrication lines
Manual and semi automated assembly lines

Mold Shop
Extrusion dies 4mm to 420mm diagonal
80 dies per week capacity

We have strong partnerships for roll forming, injection molding, compression molding and beyond to provide turnkey service


We have achieved complete vertical integration in order to improve efficiency and streamline our value chain. Our integration reduces opportunities for error, and reduces your lead time and cost. Our capabilities include tool and die, ingot production, extrusion, die casting, stamping, hardware, finishing, fabrication and assembly. We also work with many companies to augment our capabilities and provide finished assemblies to our clients.


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